Recap: West Coast Challenge, Day 1

This past Friday and Saturday, the boys traveled to Christian High to participate in the West Coast Challenge tournament, which included some of the county’s top competition. The Lancers went 3-0 in their first pool, starting with Santana. Jackson DeWitt had a near-perfect passing average of 2.71, and had 7 digs. Mark Tankersley had another solid match, with 3 aces, 3 kills, and a team-leading 8 digs. Joining in the 3 Kills Club were Adam Nussbaum and Ben Sheres, who also had 2 and 3 blocks, respectively. Billy Harrington put down 4 kills for a 500 hitting average. Adam delivered 23 assists, with 6 of them finished by Bijan Sagart. Bijan also scored two additional points, but on a dig. We’ll put it to the readers to guess how he did it. Check for the answer below!

The Lancers’ next opponent was Hoover. Rodrigo Gallardo had his best match to date, putting away 5 kills and picking up 5 digs. Jackson also had 5 digs, and put up 2 assists. Mark got 4 kills and did not miss a single serve, including 2 aces. Bijan scored 5 kills with 3 digs, leaving Ben with kill leader at 6, and a stellar 625 hitting average. Adam also hit all his serves (ace included), sent 16 assists, and picked up 3 digs. 

The boys’ final opponent was Mission Hills, where they staged another amazing comeback to take the match in two games. Jackson held down the serve receive line with a 2.69 (nice) average and 9 digs. Mark had 9 digs as well, and was close behind in passing average with a 2.6. The No Service Errors Society included Bijan, Mark, and Adam, with the first two sending over an ace each. Bijan took dig leader with 11, and had 9 kills. A few of these kills were through beautifully placed shots (he plays beach). Adam recorded 31 assists, with just under half finished by Nick Gustafson. This was the only full match of the day Nick played, and he certainly made it count. His 15 kills were accompanied by a 737 hitting average, 3.0 passing average, and 10 digs for another double double. A particularly impressive play was when he laid out for a ball, called for a bic as he was getting up off the floor, got the bic, and also got the kill, because “we hit those” (Chris Nawrocki, Every Day, 2019). 

Thank you to everyone who cheered us on through a successful Day 1, with particular thanks to Bijan’s mom for coming in clutch with the Icy Hot. Stay tuned for a recap of Day 2! 

Finally, here is the answer to our question posed earlier in the recap: how did Bijan score two points off a dig? If you said because it fell through the basketball hoop for a field goal from just inside the 3-point line, you are correct! We all thought it was Nick going straight from high school to the NBA, especially after he clapped Andreas 12-5, but it looks like Bijan has taken the number one draft spot. Thank goodness Nick has MIT to fall back on. 

by Sam Deddeh